THE RACE, a sung-through musical about the race to secure the discovery of DNA in the 1950s, centers on Rosalind Franklin, a young crystallographer whose now-famous photograph, Photograph 51, revealed the structure of DNA to be a double helix. The Race tells Rosalind’s story, which has been left out of our dominant cultural narrative about the most important scientific discovery in modern history.

THE DEVIL'S APPRENTICE, based on Kenneth Bøgh Andersen's best-selling book series of the same name, makes its world premiere in November 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark. When Philip Engel is mistakenly chosen to become the ailing Devil's heir, he must unravel a plot against the Devil and examine what truly makes a person good or evil. The Devil's Apprentice is an epic story of love and hatred, goodness and evil, and life and death.

MASTERPIECE, directed by Emily Maltby with a book by Patricia Noonan, is inspired by the greatest art theft in history, which took place at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990. It follows three narratives indelibly linked to the crown jewel of the Gardner Museum heist, a Vermeer painting called The Concert: Nick Delany, a fictionalized FBI agent assigned to investigate the robbery; Isabella Stewart Gardner, the eccentric heiress who built one of the most impressive art collections in North America; and Catharina Bolnes, the wife of the painting’s creator, Johannes Vermeer. Masterpiece explores the ineffable alchemy between viewer and object, as it follows The Concert from its creation to its disappearance, capturing the trail of lives who have loved it, possessed it, and pursued it. 

THE STARRY MESSENGER, directed by Hunter Bird. The Galilean law of inertia states: a body will preserve its velocity and direction so long as no force in its motion's direction acts upon it. Twelve-year old Jean Anderson discovers Galileo’s pamphlet The Starry Messenger, setting into motion the course of her life as a scientist and scholar. The Starry Messenger is a chamber musical about one family’s journey to make space in the universe for each other, avoid collision, and accept the invisible symmetry between their infinitely intersecting paths, both planetary and human.

THE RUMOURED LYFE AND CERTAIN DEATH OF DELIA BACON explores the life of American pioneer Delia Bacon, the first person to advance the theory that William Shakespeare did not write the plays attributed to him. The “authorship question” is inherent in the structure of this sung-through musical, with music and lyrics written by several authors in close collaboration. The narrative of Delia’s life, from primary schoolteacher to infamous novelist, is punctuated by commentary from an onstage band, which functions as a Shakespearean chorus, revealing and deepening the action.

LEGENDS & LORE: Sitting at the foot of the looming Appalachian Mountains is Blue Springs, Georgia, a town full of dirt roads, fields of cotton, and a denim mill, the silent giant which watches over the town. The hot summer of 1952 finds Blue Springs teenagers Frank and Boon bored and idle, until out-­‐of-­‐town entrepreneurs threaten to buy the failing Blue Springs Mill. Frank and Boon set off on a dangerous journey to find explorer Hernando De Soto’s gold, rumored to be hidden deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Along the way, the boys encounter incarnated folklore of Appalachia, who visit Frank and Boon to help them in their quest.